Tuesday 1 March 2016


Welcome to my blog! 

This is my first blog so please bear with me! I am still learning how to use this website (the formatting does not work accurately at all!!), let alone perfecting the contents.

Everyone makes a blog these days, so why have I decided to make one too?

My little Reggie came to live with us in August 2015 and as is perfectly normal these days, I created an Instagram account for him. Slowly Reggie's popularity has grown and he's now quite a hit on Instagram, especially after Buster was introduced! I love sharing their lives with everyone and I love being a budgie owner. I have learnt so much in a short amount of time about these funny little birds - there really is a lot more too them than I first imagined! 

Edit: Now that Oscar my English budgie has arrived the accounts popularity has grown even more.

I love the interaction that I have with other budgie owners through our Instagram page and watching other bird families grow.There is a great budgie community that I wasn't expecting to find and I've made some fantastic budgie friends over the last year and a bit. I speak to many of them daily and we are all totally bird mad!!

get asked a lot of questions from our followers that, If I'm honest, often baffle me quite a lot! I'm sometimes not sure if the person asking me a question is sane lol. I get asked many questions about basic budgie ownership by people who are knew to budgies, who already own budgies, and other people who are just curious. This is absolutely fine and it seems my account is rare in that I will always try to reply with an answer to help. It does frustrate me when I get asked very simple questions by people who already have birds in their care but have clearly not taken the time to learn the essentials of budgie care before getting them. I am aware that sometimes birds can literally just land in your lap and you can only swat up once you have the birdy, but these exceptions are quite rare and often people just have jumped in without any thought. So whatever your situation is, I hope that this blog can be of assistance to help you either catch up on what you've missed or refresh what you already know. 

Please note - there is so much information on the internet written for you to read! I didn't know everything before I got my boys and I certainly don't know everything now, but I did have a good basic knowledge of what to expect and what to look out for before I decided to get them because I used that wonderful website called Google. Read what I have written, and then go and read some information elsewhere also. If you don't know something there are many many forums and websites that will have the answer for you. I am not afraid to say that I am proud of how much effort I have put in to learning about budgies and bird care so that my boys can be cared for in the best way possible. 

Please don't think that I don't want you to ask me questions, one of my problems is that I can't ignore people asking for help - but I don't always know the right answer! I am hoping that now I have written this blog I can point you to my blog to read my detailed answers about what I have learnt and then we can talk about it afterwards. 

My boys enjoy a happy silly life in my living room and I use their Instagram page as a daily diary of all their silly antics and as a record of how our relationships are growing and changing. (Today it is not so great, I have just had to launch Reggie off my foot as he has taken a dislike to my choice of sock and keeps attacking my feet when I'm distracted). I want to share with you all that I have learnt about budgies and hopefully help you care for your budgies too. I am in no way a budgie expert! The posts I will write on this blog are from experience and from a lot of research (websites, forums, blogs, Instagram, YouTube, friends etc) but I am not claiming to be 100% accurate. I possibly care for Reggie and Buster in ways that other people do not agree with, but it works for us and so I will tell you about what I do. I will write only what I believe to be true and correct but I am continually learning about budgies and their care so pages are subject to amendments. 

Mini disclaimer!! I get asked a lot of medical questions. I am not a vet and so I can never answer these questions. Should you believe your bird to be sick please book an appointment with an Avian Vet as soon as possible. I do intend to write a post about recognizing signs of budgie illnesses but these will be more like red flags, not cures! For now all I can say is that if you suspect your bird is ill, keep a diary of events, take photos & videos, and book an AVIAN vet appointment. Be careful trying to self diagnose as birds can hide many illnesses so please just get them to a vet and suck up the cost.

So there we have it, I hope you enjoy what you read and you find my posts helpful. I am open to suggestions for improvements or corrections so do not hesitate to get in touch. Please just remember that I am writing about my three boys that I love to pieces and I do my very best for, I am not perfect and I am certainly not claiming to be! 

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