Tuesday 25 April 2017


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This is a very short post just to say that I have made a YouTube Channel with a unique and catchy title - Reggie the budgie  :P

I've been asked so many times if we were going to make one and I didn't for several reasons, but mainly because I simply couldn't be bothered. It takes quite a bit of effort to run the Instagram page, and writing this blog doesn't get as much attention as I want, so I didn't want to make something that needed lots of dedication. Knowing me though, I will throw myself right into it and be making documentaries in no time at all! (I won't really)

However, I had a brain wave! I like posting our old videos of the boys when they were younger, and when Reggie used to talk, but it takes so bloody long to scroll back through Instagram to see them that reposting them is a bit of a mission (If anyone from Instagram ever reads this - please make a skip button, or a 'jump to first post' button!). Also, there are only so many throwback posts I can do on a Thursday, and we have lots of old vids.

So, that's all I need to say really. I am going to go through my hard drive and attempt to compile some videos using the hundreds of little clips I have and post them on to YouTube so they are easily accessible. I will of course post current videos too, mainly the longer versions of the 1 minutes Instagram videos. Bear will us as it will take a while to get into it but i'll try to pop some videos up frequently. 

I don't want to be a sell out, and I was always adamant I would only have the Instagram page, but I've now found a legitimate reason so use YouTube. I won't be making a Facebook page for the boys though! 

I hope you enjoy the new channel.